5 Simple ways to identify Real vs Fake Diamond

Five Simple Ways To Identify a Fake Diamond

Geoscince people are questioned ON how to to spot an original Diamond and a fake Diamond

We had a chat with a twentieth century decorative arts experts for international marketplace Lofty ,about how to explain when the diamond is real or fake

It Is Easy to do undergo a DIY test wheather it is with your necklace your grandmother left for you ,or something  purchased at a jewelery  shop

Checkout these 5 straightfoward  step on how to identify a Real Diamond

  1. Business Insider / Diana Yakari

You can use a magnifying glass to zoom in your gem & setting 

When identifying a Diamond there are quite  several things you have to take note of

Hirsch said to us 1st most of the diamonds are created organically ,therefore you are going to  witness some imperfections inside the carbon … a fake stone will be absolutely good

He further explains that other lab-grown stones will look good under a magnifying glass , real diamond consists of very sharp edges & an fake one consists of round edges , it is advised that you can zoom on the stone or just simply take it to an expert Diamond Corners are noted . When you take a close look at a stone through a magnifying glass you must notice very sharp edges that shows that a Diamond is Original ,whereas a fake diamond must have rounded like edges

Last but not least take a look at the mounting & etchings , most importantly spots that tells us what metal was used . If You see gold coated or silver the chances of it being fake is +98% .Hirsch agan explained that  real diamonds are mounted in gold or set in platinum

You can as well as take a look at the mounting on its own and exactly how it is set , when the setting is poor quality that explains that the diamond is fake

2- Diana Yukari /business insider

This test is very easy ,,when you scratch a diamond on a rough surface it is suppose to remain like it is but when it is fake it has to to scatch up 

3-Release warm air on your stone like when you blow your mirror ,, A fake diamond fogs for a short time when an original stone wont just because it cant retain heat

4-Ways in which diamonds responds to heat is different : In the stone ,the diamond is said to turn to grey & white in color ( also known as Brilliance ) ,and when the diamond is outside the gem it must show rainbow colors , this must be   a sign that the diamond is fake ,,,

5- Real Diamond must sparkly just because they respond very well to light and bend it perfectly .Glass and zirconium may be like a diamond when you see them , but have less shiny indexies  

This actually means your diamond is not in a setting , one can easily replace it on newspaper , the light will be inside the real diamond and stops a black reflections . When its fake you will notice there will be a black reflection  , you can even read something through it

If Your diamond is real , make sure you can not be able to see through it to the mount itself ,,That will Be Good Indication that your stone is REAL

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