How to answer Interview Questions

Ways to  Answer These 6 Most Common Interview Questions

Its so unfortunate that we don’t actually read minds but we will try our best to give you what we know is best for you when you are in an interview

  1. Please tell me everything about yourself

Many people often fail this question reason being , they actually take it for granted but it is very crucial .Here is what you need to do > do not provide your full personal details ,Instead give a brief statement that will make you a perfect candidate for the job .At first start with the very best achievements that you want the recruiter to know about ,then conclude by letting the employer know how that specific experience has actually positioned you for this particular role .

  • Where did you hear about this position

This is another simple question , itt actually gives you a chance to stand your ground and show love and connection to the company . If it happens that you got this information from a peer provide his/her details and explain what made you fall in love with post . If You saw an advert on news paper also share that .Share exactly where you you saw the advert of your position you want .

  • What Knowledge Do You Have About The Company ?

Any candidate  is able to read and change the company’s about page .So , when you hear this question don’t think the employer is trying to test you whether you know what you are talking about ,simply they want to know if you really love the company .When answering this type of question always begin with the internet this will actually show the recruiter that you understand the company’s objectives ,utilize the keywords as well as phrases within the website ,then go back and start making it personal ..Just Say Am personally interested in this position simply because bla bla bla …, or say l really really have faith in this approach then share 1 or 2 personal examples .

  • Why Are You Interested In This Position ?

Most companies want to recruit people who show passion about the job , so your answer to this kind of question must be very powerful explaining why you really want this job . 1st give a few key factors why you are a perfect fit for the job ,like.. l like customer support just because l love team work and love to assist people in solving their problems ,,I love to learn a lot so l think you guys are performing good things that is why l want to join you  

  • Exactly give us the reason why we should hire you

This Kind of question looks intimidating ,but when you come across it you are one of the luckiest person  ,,This is the best time to market yourself to the recruiter . When you answer this question give a answer that will accommodate three things  (i) That you will provide best results to the company  (ii) That you be the part of the team full time (iii) And that you are better than any other candidates ,,(state your reasons why is that so ) .

  • Any Questions ,You Can Ask?

Hope you already know that being in an interview is not an opportunity for the employer to give you hard time but its for you to prove that you are the perfect candidate .

Just have common qsns rady ,,target the employer say why do you love working here or what can you about your objective about the company .

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